Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Post Orgasmic Illness: Spoiling Men’s Enjoyment of Sex?

Though the disorder is still extremely rare, is post orgasmic illness inadvertently spoiling men affected with it their full enjoyment of sex? 

By: Ringo Bones 

There is now a Facebook and other social network communities of men affected by the disorder and although it is still exceedingly rare, more and more men are now coming out as being affected by post orgasmic illness and how it spoils their maximum enjoyment of sex. But is the global medical science community currently working on the cure of such a terrible disorder?
Post orgasmic illness produces a flu-like symptom to men affected by it that lasts from two days to a few weeks depending on the severity. Rare as its occurrence may be, there might be a physiological explanation on why some men are affected by illness. They might be allergic to their own sperm since the symptoms of the illness tends to happen minutes after these men achieve orgasm and depending on severity, will give then flu-like symptoms that lasts for two days to three weeks. 

The allergen mechanism of post orgasmic illness might be the most probable physiological explanation of the disease because men affected by it have their symptoms dramatically reduced after they undergo hyposensitization therapy via diluted injections of their own sperm akin to hyposensitization therapy done on persons affected by bee venom and peanuts. But more research is yet to be done if post orgasmic illness has only one – or if are there many – variants or if it is just a sperm allergy reaction. 

Post orgasmic illness not only puts a damper on the affected men’s sex lives but also on their jobs as well. A typical man affected by post orgasmic illness whose married and has a 9 to 5, Monday to Friday job schedule can only schedule sex on a Friday night since he could be affected by flu-like symptoms the whole weekend long and he has to report to work on Monday morning to keep a roof over his wife and family’s heads and keep them fed on a day in and day out basis and fund those other extraneous necessities. Due to the rarity of the illness, most healthcare providers only provide coverage to post orgasmic illness via special additional premiums which could add to one’s healthcare expenses. 

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