Monday, June 26, 2017

President Trump’s CDC Deep Budget Cuts: Misguided and Dangerous?

Given the recent divulged intel on the so-called Islamic State may be working on biological weapons, is President Trump’s CDC deep budget cuts a misguided and dangerous move?

By: Ringo Bones 

During his fundraising speech for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation during the past few years, Bill Gates had warned us of the potential of natural epidemics and bioterrorism might kill more than 10-million people. Last month, U.S. President Donald J. Trump released his grandiosely titled “A New Foundation For American Greatness” – which for all intents and purposes is nothing more than the Trump Administration’s budget of the U.S. Government for the fiscal year 2018. Scarier still to those concerned with emerging epidemics – both natural and man-made – President trump made a boneheaded move to cut 1.3 billion US dollars, about 17-percent, of the annual budget of the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention which for all intents and purposes could serve the last line of defense for America if a global pandemic, whether natural or bioterrorism related, threatens the United States. 

Although there’s no word yet on how much the Trump Administration has slashed the budget for the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases or USAMRIID, it seems that President Trump and his henchmen has been suffering an amnesia when it comes to emerging epidemics with the potential to seriously threaten not only the health and well being of the United States but also the country’s national security as well. Before it was neutralized by doctors of the WHO and MSF, the ebola outbreak managed to kill more than 11,000 people back in 2014 and after threatening the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, zika still has the potential to spread into the United States. And with “hints” that some members of the so-called Islamic State operating in Iraq have been found with documents pertaining to Saddam Hussein’s biological weapons program plans, the Trump Administration’s misguided to “Make America Great Again” could potentially kill every American in a viral whimper during the next few years due to its misguided budget cuts.

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